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About Network Builder

Network Builder is a private, invite-only network for people that helps organizers and followers grow their social networks, find leads, and increase sales. Our software connects people looking for each other’s skills and services, and suggests they meet.

Who is this software for? Any Organizer, Marketer, business, or group admin that wants to generate leads and connections for their online followers. Start Your Own Group today!

Meet Quality Connections

Our software introduces you to more like-minded people through exclusive invite-only groups.

Save Time
& Money

Saving time from attending unfocused & unfiltered events around town and make like-minded connections on the go.

Expand Your
Network Faster

Our software allows you to meet more people in less time. Connect with others seeking what you offer or have in common with.

Generate Leads &
Grow Your Brand

Build your introduction network and form mutually beneficial business relationships 24/7 for your business or side gig.

What The Experts Are Saying

The perfect CRM tool to automate my lead generation process. One of the best sources of leads and sales for my business.

Dimitry LosPresident & Owner

This tool really helped save our organization lots of money

Sally Mays-President

This tool is incredible!

Mark- President Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

My company organizes events for developers using Network Builder to find the best talent in town.

Slava DemchukCEO at SILENCA TECH