Network Builder for Alumni Organizations

Do more with less.

Are you on the Board of an Alumni Association or do you oversee the Operations of an Alumni Organization for a University? If so there’s a software solution that will help you easily acquire more donors than ever before while also dramatically increasing engagement for your Alumnis.

Let’s face it, Alumni Associations and Universities want Donations. Donors want to make an impact with their Donation but Donors are not easy to come by. They require individualized attention. Sometimes Donors want to receive value before making an donation or a gift. An Alumni Organization exists to keep Alumni active and engaged with the University so that some of those engaged graduates make a donation back to the University. The problem is, existing staff runs out of resources and manpower to keep an active, healthy, and engaged Alumni Community. Alumni staff are asked to achieve higher goals with less funding and smaller teams, Meanwhile, the future of sustainable higher education funding relies on growing alumni support Staff often flys around the country facilitating 1-on-1 personal introductions between Alumnis, meets with Alumni individually, hosts events Alumni attend, and manage the newsletter and messaging campaigns. This is a lot for a typically small staff with limited resources to reliably do.

So how do you keep all your alumnis engaged and look for donors at the same time if you have limited resources?

The Good News is there is a solution. The answer is an Alumni Networking Software called, Network Builder.

Network Builder is a Software Built to automatically facilitate connections/introductions between two people that are in need of each other’s services or that share the same interests.

With your new Alumni Networking Software, no longer does your staff have to run around the Country creating events, and making introductions when you can now have a software create introductions for your entire Alumni Associate 24/7. This means with that extra time, money, and staff savings you can reallocate those resources that Network Builder saves you, and focus your freed staff time on giving just a few select Donors extra personalized attention. With Network Builder your staff no longer will feel overworked. Your Alumni’s will no longer feel neglected.

Some Network Builder Benefits are :

  • Save time, money, and free up staff resources. With Network Builder your staff will have to do less traveling, less facilitating personalized introductions and you can have Network Builder do this for you instead.
  • Powerful reporting features. See how healthy and engaged your network is by glancing at the Organizer Dashboard. This Dashboard reports all leads and valuable connections being received by individual members.
  • Increase Donation Rate
  • Increase Alumni Engagement with our Alumni Networking Software
  • Communicate and engage your alumni and communicate with them in a different way rather than just communicating them through a boring 1-way newsletter. With Network Builder the conversation is a two way street.
  • Easy to track engagements and successful introductions using our Dashboard reporting tool.


How does it work ?

The Network Builder software generates a link to a registration form. You the organizer announce, share, and promote this link across your email list or social media channels encouraging people to sign up. Once they enter information about themselves they can select who they are looking for in an ideal professional match. Members of Network Builder will receive email matches according to their preferences. If two individuals say they would like to meet, then Network Builder ensures their contact information is exchanges so the matched party can meet on their own. At the end, Network Builder gives them a survey. All the survey data about how many leads or valuable connections individuals received within your network is reported right on your dashboard!

Network Builder features :

  • 1-to-Many email communication. Email all your members with a message in just one click.
  • Customize matching categories for a more personalized networking experience for your Alumni
  • Automatic Email Matching between members
  • Feature Rich Dashboard showing you at a glance all the leads and connections your Alumni have received
  • Option to White Label the Network Builder Product
  • Proven Customized Graphics brought to you by Austin Visuals

To speak with a member of our Network Builder Team call us at ( 512 ) 591-8024 to setup your free demo so you can get started using Network Builder for your Alumni Organization today, or contact us using the form below.