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Are you a motivational speaker that wants more customers?
Want to give your followers more 1-on-1 attention?
Looking to grow and maintain your audience more quickly with less effort?

If so.. you’re in the right place.

You want to get your message out to your followers with little overhead and at a low cost,
but the larger you grow, the more resources it takes to build and maintain your audience. Your customers always want to stay engaged with your message, but the problem is there’s only one of you.

Enter Network Builder

Network Builder is state-of-the-art organizer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that makes contact management a breeze.  It helps keep your patrons engaged by continually introducing them to each other in a strategic and effective self-serve manner so they can connect, network, gain leads, make friends and build a strong tribe.  Network Builder tracks follower engagement and tells you about their behaviors so you can have more data to tell you what your audience wants so you can build a stronger following.

But how can you make sure every follower of yours gets the 1-on-1 attention they deserve? Network Builder can be used to offer value before, during and after your conference or seminar event, without you having to personally facilitate 1-on-1 connections, thus saving you time that you can use to create better engagement or prep for that next seminar you’re hosting.


Network Builder also does the following … and more!

  • Engages with clients easily, automatically and without effort.  Because you don’t always have time or energy to address your customers like they deserve to be addressed
  • Effectively replaces your need to maintain costly email lists, since Network Builder gives you the ability to message all your members at any time.
  • It keeps your audience engaged and warm, so they remember who they have a relationship with.
  • Provides one place to manage all your audience relationships, replacing bulky email lists
  • Offers in-depth analytics from your audience, and shows it on your Dashboard
  • Is easy to use!  We use GTD technology to minimize your clicks and maximize your time.  If you’re on the go, use our responsive interface
  • Backs your audience data up – automatically!  It’s hard to manage an audience spread over several locations. Network Builder keeps your audience in one group, managed in one place.  And you can export member data and analytics with one click!

Best of all, we have support staff that will help import all of your existing contacts into Network Builder!

Network Builder keeps your audience engaged with you … and with each other! We are so confident in the power of our software that we guarantee you’ll see results inside of one quarter.  Your customer engagement will skyrocket!

So what are you waiting for?  


Sign up today by clicking HERE, filling out the form below, email [email protected], or calling us (512) 591-8024  to see how Network Builder can work for you!