How To Join Network Builder or Start a Group

Lead Generation and CRM Software

What is this software? Network Builder is a software CRM and Lead Generation tool that introduces a group of professionals together that need each other’s services.
Are you already a Member looking for how to get login to your Network Builder account?
To log into your account click here: or you can click the ‘login’ button in the upper right corner of the website at any time.
How does it work? It email introduces professionals to others in need of their services up to 2 times a week. To get started, simply generate a group using the Network Builder Software, then email, text, your group link to your audience. Encourage professionals and prospects to join your group link so they can get automatically introduced to each other.
Key Benefits: 
  • Makes you $$ – Generates leads for your business and your prospects businesses
  • Keeps your audience warm – Keeps you in touch with your audience and prospects .
  • Save Time – Minimizes need for you to personally facilitate 1on1 connections between your network. People self serve their own introductions.
  • Branding – Keeps you top of mind. Your contact info will be on users emails they receive each week.
  • Backup – This software automatically backs up and allows you to export emails, linkedin data of your contacts into a spreadsheet to help you with additional marketing campaigns.
  • Warms New Prospects –  Serves as a lead generation funnel to warm cold prospects into a continuous conversation about your business.You become the center of attention and the focus point of conversations. People will contact you once they are ready to buy.


How do I buy ? –  Go to to get started.
To create your own networking group. You can , select your plan to get started.
After that import your contacts to get everyone meeting.
How do I see a demo? You can join the active Austin, TX  Network to see how the system works live here :
Or you can schedule a live demo here with the founder of Network Builder, Matt Winters — Call, Text : 512-591-8024  Email : [email protected]o

How do I log back into my account after creation? Go to and click ‘login’ in the upper right corner or go to

Detailed Feature Tutorial about how to join network builder : You can see a demo overview of all the features here


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