Code of Conduct Template – Social Official Rules for Members of New To Austin 20/30’s Facebook Group

  1. Members be kind/No Personal Attacks. No Hate speech.
  2. Trolling posts need to be funny to many, not just funny to you or don’t do it. Also needs to not overly offend or alienate another person/group/or state 🙂
  3. Vary your topics. Do not post 3 or more of the same or very similar topic in a row.
  4. Church Posts. – Not allowed – Direct Messaging strangers about church, Not Allowed. Inviting a real friend to church via messenger – Allowed.
  5. Politics – Allowed in the form of local news or important community awareness issue as it pertains to safety or protection. Allowed general politics as long as comments don’t turn into personal attacks. Groupwide, mods can limit NTA to have no more than 3 political posts in 1 week.
  6. Members are encouraged to help this group grow. This means, sharing with new friends and invite them to this group is helpful. Members should try to post fun interactive or informative posts, that members will probably like. Members can help NTA grow by creating online and offline events, but create the event on the NTA or Network Builder page.
  7. No overly gross posts, blood, gore, bugs.
  8. No Recruiting. – We don’t want group members to take all NTA members and start their own group. We want to avoid encouraging other members to join other Facebook groups. Members in the past have abused this privilege and took 100’s to 1000s of members to form there own groups, so we remain cautious when recommending to join other groups.
  9. No Unapproved Promotions – If you are a business owner, a sales rep, or you work for a business and you’re trying to promote your product or service, we either won’t allow it or will allow it if it’s done in a very specific way that’s friendly to and that respects our NTA members. Promoters can reach out to the Founder Matt Winters for a list of these guidelines or to get approval for a promo post [email protected]
  10. No Spam – Any post that is obviously spam, a cash grab, someone advertising sunglasses, members report this.
  11. This NTA group is about Exploring Austin. About Making Friends, about entertaining you during the work week. About hosting and attending online and offline events. About making people feel good. About informing people about new and exciting unique things happening in Austin. The founder wants people to feel NTA is your home and source for these things. NTA needs to be valuable to you and your friends. Help NTA be a valuable resource in the community by posting things that promote NTA member engagement and group growth, such as sharing this group with your friends. Members should Post on the wall, Host and attend events with this in mind.