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Here are some of the most exciting, patent pending features Network Builder Tool provides:

Customizable 1-on-1 Matching

Provide High Quality Matching to your Group of Professionals 24/7 with 1 click. Matching occurs based on suggesting two members connects if their needs and expertise align. Organizers can utilize these match categories to service a broad general professional networking group or edit and customize these categories to help match a specific niche of professionals. Deploy a Network Builder link in a group of lawyers and now specific kinds of lawyers can match with other lawyers based on organizer defined categories.

Mass Email Messaging

Any member that joins your groups you are able to send a communication email to. You can send emails to individual members of your group, your entire group, or across all your groups. (Patent Pending).

Backup Member Data

Backup and export your member data automatically so you never lose a copy (Patent Pending).

Membership Directory

This feature is available to all organizers. See on mobile or desktop a directory of all your members and their profiles. This directory contains all your members

in an easy to use searchable database. Best of all you can take notes on each member so you can remember their preferences next time you connect.

Mobile Friendly Interface

Today’s society is on the go. Network Builder is designed especially for the busy community organizer. All the functions to keep your network running great are at your fingertips in just a couple of clicks. (Patent Pending).


Feature-Packed Admin Panel customized to your needs. Organizers are able to login and instantly see how many leads, matches, and valuable connections their groups or members have received within the organizer’s network. Organizers can export this data to help with their own marketing campaigns (Patent Pending).

Notification Flow Control

Getting too many emails? Need more matches from one particular group? Members and Organizers are able to adjust settings that allow them to favor matches in their daily feed that come from certain groups rather than others. They can reset their flow back to default at any time after editing. Members can use this flow control feature to turn off notifications entirely or temporarily mute specific groups (Patent Pending).

Member Add / Remove

Organizers can easily invite new members to join their network. They can also remove members from any group they run. (Patent Pending).

Add Co-Organizers To Your Account

Too busy to manage your network? Why not add a trusted person to help you out? You can invite a co-organizer and they will gain access to manage your network and message your members for you if you wish. Organizers can limit give as much or as little control over their network without giving away access to their main account. (Coming Soon).

Roulette Matching

Member-to-Member Matches can occur via selecting our Roulette System. This system allows members who want to meet everyone in your group a chance to do just that. Provide all your groups with valuable networking and matching services based what your users say they are looking for. Provide High Quality Matching to your Group of Professionals 24/7 with 1 click (Patent Pending).

Automated Survey System

Feature-Packed Admin Panel customized to your needs (Patent Pending).

1-Click Facebook/LinkedIn Registration System

Backup and export your member data automatically so you never lose a copy (Patent Pending).

Community Builder Optimized Dashboard

Our Dashboard allows your members to quickly see how many leads and valuable connections they have received from your network. Organizers are able to see an overview of how many total leads and valuable connections their entire network has generated for its members. (Patent Pending).

Customizable Member Profiles

Feature-Packed Member Profiles. Network Builder allows members to upload photos, create multiple custom profiles allowing member to introduce themselves more specific ways to niche groups. (Patent Pending).

Gamified User Rating System

Members Rate their experience after meeting with a matched user. A member’s user score is displayed publicly after a few meetings within a group. This keeps your network honest and keeps members working extra hard to ensure each meeting is always a fantastic and valuable experience, regardless if a sale happens. Members that want 5 star reviews are more likely to dig extra deep into their networks to help make sure the meeting runs smoothly and that all needs and objectives of the member-to-member meeting go fulfilled (Patent Pending).

Phone and Email Support

Receive Personalized Onboarding, Training and Setup Support via Phone or Email.


We offer a Gamified User Rating System (Patent Pending) during member’s networking experience that incentivizes members of your network to increase engagement.


Import your email list into our software (Patent Pending) to expand your network and to be able to invite others to join your groups.

1-Touch Invite Templates

With one-click, you can use our pre-made templates to invite people to join your network. You can use our templates or copy and paste the link to the group into your network and craft your own personalized invitation to your members.

Group Password Control

We offer an ( optional )  password control feature for organizer accounts. The organizer is able to place a password that must be entered to gain access to the organizer’s network. (Patent Pending) The organizer is able to change the group password at any time. (Coming Soon)

Enable Waitlisting

Organizers have the ability to Enable or Disable Waitlists on their group invitations. This allows an organizer to create a buzz about joining their group or it can help control user limits on particular groups when needed Coming Soon.

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List of Key Benefits

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Expand your network with Network Builder

A Software Built from the ground up with Privacy features and your data in mind, and Network Builder is Anti-Censorship

The founder of Network Builder has built many large communities of different kinds from the grown up very quickly. We also aware that large social networks censor people, remove groups without warning, delete email lists, limit your reach, and create barriers for you to really be able to do what you want with your community. So our philosophy is if it’s legal, it’s your members, your network, run it how you please. You’ll find our groups have many features enabled by default that cause the group to be private. We believe the future of social media will be in niche private communities bringing together like minded people that wish to cut through the noise and focus on ideas from other humans to create great things together. You will find all of our features enabled so you can create the social group that no one else is creating.

We know how frustrating it is to build a community on someone else’s code and software platform. You spend months or years collecting emails and cultivating a community and sometimes find a social media employee secretly reviewed your account, private messages, and could decide to remove your group or your account, or censor your message to your followers. It’s hard to build a community when you know in your mind it could be taken away. With Network Builder your worries are over. We are here to help your private communities grow. It’s your business how you handle growing your network.

Our Groups are private, our events are not google searchable, and mostly accessible to group members only. You won’t find robots scraping our data from the net. Our code was built using some of the latest in security features so your data is safe. You can export your data at any time and move to another platform as you please. Other platforms may hold their members addicted to their platform or held hostage. We want you to build and connect. Give us feedback so we can build a thriving community together.

We Listen

Larger companies are too big fail, too big to listen. We are much smaller. The key to our success is listening to your feedback and helping you to create a meaningful experience with your followers. As a result we are small and nimble. You give us feedback and if a feature you suggest, makes sense we’ll work on building your suggested feature right away. When you get an organizer account with us, you’re a part of our family and we’ll always listen to your needs. Being able to directly contribute to a software that’s growing every day is a huge benefit over a software company that is too big to care or implement new features. You’ll be surprise what this software can do in just a few months from now because of how fast we respond.

Get more leads for yourself and others

As an organizer you can choose just to host the platform where your members are able to meet and match with each other, or you can choose to jump in at any time and network with your own membership pool to be matched with other members (Patent Pending). Since networking is valuable for almost everyone, it will be even easier for you to build your personal network of followers by attracting new members to your network by having them join your private personal networking group online through our software.

Save Time & Money

Our software greatly reduces the amount of time you’ll spend keeping your group engaged, keeping your network warm, and reduces the amount of time you’ll need to spend hosting in-person networking events just to maintain your group’s attention. In fact our software almost completely automates the networking and connecting process for professionals (Patent Pending). Save time and gas money with a reduced need to constantly physically host in-person networking events for your group. Keep your group engaged and attentive through automated matching instead. Allow your members to find value through your resources even while you sleep.

Goodwill Increase

One of the most powerful benefits of being the reason two other people connected is the goodwill created between all 3 parties. The two that matched remember and appreciate where and who facilitated that meaningful connection. The more leads and meaningful connections your group generates with our tool those people getting value from connecting will keep their organizer’s needs in mind. Since this software works 24/7 you may experience an overall increase of goodwill spreading across your group at an accelerated pace.

Increase Group Engagement

Personalized Member-to-Member Matches. Provide all your groups with valuable networking and matching services based what your users say they are looking for (Patent Pending)Provide High Quality Matching to your Group of Professionals 24/7 with 1 click.

Keep your Contact List Safe

You finally get peace of mind knowing you can download a backup copy of emails from your members (Patent Pending). It’s nice to know that if you ever get separated from your online social group you can still keep in touch with the network you worked hard to build.

Keep your network coming back to you

Network Builder offers automated matching services unparalleled in helping people find each other in specific ways. Stand out from the crowd of free groups and offer real value to your members. Gain the competitive advantage over other networking groups by giving your followers private access to professionals in your personal network (Patent Pending). Offer your members access to your network with Network Builder and to quality 1-on-1 matches today.

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