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Eventbrite Alternatives Versus Other Online Event Management Systems

By June 10, 2021Professional Networking

While Eventbrite has had incredible growth in their customer base in the past five years, there are still many potential customers who use Eventbrite and do not know about the number of alternatives to Eventbrite that exist. In a previous article I discussed some of the common alternatives to Eventbrite which exist today such as MyNetBiz. The primary disadvantage of using MySpace or any of the other social media sites for hosting events is that you have to be actively involved in the events in order for your business to thrive. The advantages of using MySpace, Facebook, MySpace, and other sites for marketing events are that you can host an event without actually having to be present, which can lead to an increase in people that are interested in your brand or product.

Here are some Alternatives to Eventbrite to Consider:

  4. RSVPify


Alternatives to Eventbrite

There is also another alternative to the previously mentioned social networks, which is the use of the Eventbrite app. The Eventbrite app is used for creating and hosting custom events such as business get-togethers, introductions, product launch parties, and even conferences. Although the app was originally designed for hosting events, it can also be used for networking and sharing information with other people on MySpace and other social media sites. Unlike MySpace, which is controlled by a single user, the Eventbrite app allows up to 5 users to be listed on one event. This means that there is a greater opportunity for a potential customer to network with others who may be interested in the same product or service as the user in question.

The Eventbrite app also helps users create an online event management profile which they can use to promote events, search for guests, manage their preferences, and upload photos.

The networking options on the app include the ability to view other profiles on the site and browse other profiles for guests. It is also possible to use this service to find friends, coworkers, and classmates. All of these features help users connect with others and create a network that can span the globe. The Eventbrite pricing model is unique in that it offers a free, functional service while its commercial equivalent charges a fee for each user.