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Network Builder: Advanced Tips

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After you have your My Network Builder software and account up and running, we thought we would include some advanced tips and more in depth knowledge of how to get the most of your experience with Wievu.


Tip 1) We suggest you create a custom URL that redirects to each of your group registration pages, something human readable. For example instead you sending out a link to your group that looks like this , you can try to rename your URL to something custom like
Shorter URLs that are easier to read become easier for people to type in and thus increases your conversion rate from when you tell someone to join your group to that person following through the complete registration process for your group.

Tip 2) Put your Group Links on a Business Card and hand your card out when you’re networking. You can put your group link on a business card and pass them out to people as you network. Encourage them to sign up to your group. You can say you have a private networking group and you’re inviting people to get to know and meet your friends and professional contacts that are already in a networking group. We suggest you try to experiment with variations of your pitch for maximum conversion. Just focus on telling a potential new member the benefits they will receiving if they join your group; for example, new members will get to make friends, build more professional relationships, generate leads for them, connect them to the local professional community. With your link on business card now you can pass out a lot of business cards and get a lot of members into your group.

Tip 3) Measure, Test, Repeat. Conversion and metrics are important for any community builder to grow their audience. We suggest you pay attention to what message said to what kind of person converts the best. So if your goal is to simple get people into your group, notice the % of conversion when you request people sign up immediately when you’re speaking about your group in person vs. if you text someone a link or email them a link vs converting a close friend to your group compared to converting someone you just met at an event. Notice what situation converts the best and keep that method. Over time, you may want to even refine your pitches for encouraging people to join your group. For example: if you notice you are getting a high conversion rate when you’re encouraging people to join your group in person and you’re getting a much lower conversion when emailing a cold list about it, we suggest you strongly consider using the method that has the most new members actually join your groups.

Based on some of our own field tests, here are our team’s conversion numbers. Your numbers may vary based on industry.

We considered a conversion to occur the moment a new user got 100% complete with registration and joining a new group.

Our Numbers:

75% – In Person – 1st Degrees – Telling Friends, Family, or other connections you have a strong relationship with. Encouraging them to sign up to your group.  (About 3 out of 4 convert )
Walk them through the registration process + 15% conversion
Send them a Group link via Text +10% conversion
Send them a Group link via Business card + 5% conversion
45% –  In Person – 2nd Degrees – Encouraging a 2nd degree contact or acquaintance you don’t know very well to sign up to your group. ( About 1 of every 2 convert )
Walk them through the registration process + 15% conversion
Send them a Group link via Text +5% conversion
Send them a Group link via Business card + 3% conversion

35% – Email – 1st Degrees – Telling friends, Family or other 1st Degree connections you have a strong relationship with. Encouraging them to sign up to your group. We are finding that
sometimes people don’t wish to respond to an email request immediately. Some that ignored responding to an initial email, were shown to respond with a second follow up email
So your numbers may go up from the numbers shown here if you send them a reminder email a couple of days later.

15% – Email – 3rd Degrees or people you don’t know well via an app or personalized invite.

1-80% – Online Passive Ad – If you already run a group online that attracts a fresh flow of new members frequently, you can advertise your link or post it on your groups. Some examples include : Pinning your post that contains your group URL at the top of your group or placing a link in a welcome message or email. Some online groups allow you to post questions so you could mention your group in questions or welcome emails that each new members sees. Depending on how strong your requirement is that they join your Wievu Group in order to be able to join another network of yours will affect how easy it will be to convert your audience and encourage them to sign up for your Wievu.

2-4% – Email targeted list of 3rd degrees or people you don’t know well.

In Conclusion : Notice the quality of your pitch, and make adjustments to improve your conversion. You can quickly look at how many members you have from your Organizer dashboard. If your user count isn’t going up but you find yourself pitching your group a lot, it may be time to change something about your pitch or change who you’re delivering your pitch to so you can get different and hopefully more favorable results. Also notice which works best for you, in person or personalized email, or mass email through a newsletter. It is recommended you continue to do the method that gets you the easiest and highest conversion rate.



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