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Network Builder: Getting Started – Step 1

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Wievu: Getting Started – Step 1.

To get started with, you’ll first have to decide if you plan to be an organizer or host of a Network, or if you want to be a member.

For Members

If you want to be a member, go to > in the upper right hand corner select ‘Login’ from the menu at the top. You will be presented with a login screen. From there connect your LinkedIn, Facebook account, or enter your email address and a password to register.

After registration, then you can log into your account, then update your profile settings and email preferences. After this, you will need to find an organizer that is posting a link somewhere online to their members. You will join this network to start connecting with other professionals.

For Organizers

If you want to become an organizer, go to > in the upper right hand corner click on the button that says ‘Sign Up’ or you can go to About > Pricing. Either of these areas will take you to a pricing page that shows you prices and features for each selected tier of what Wievu offers. If there is an option you don’t see on the pricing page, such as if you need more users than the base level subscriptions offer, contact us or call us for custom pricing information. We offer volume discounts for large Networks.

On the pricing page, select a plan that fits you the best, then click ‘sign up’. This will take you through a payment gateway, where you will enter your credit card information. If you require other custom payment options and plan to subscribe for several months. For additional payment options other than credit card just contact us [email protected] for additional payment subscription options.

After you have signed up and paid for a Wievu subscription, login to your account > go to your dashboard > Click on the generate New Group button in the upper right corner of your dashboard. This will create a fresh Wievu group link.

You will name your group, insert a limit for the maximum amount of members your group is allowed to have. Don’t worry you can increase this limit at any time. This limit is available in case you don’t want any 1 group you own to get too big and exceed your subscription plan unintentionally.

Next you will approve the default matching categories. These categories are setup to connect like-minded professionals together, but if you wish, you can edit, remove, or add your own custom matching categories.

Hit Save.

Now at the top of your group details area, you will find a URL. Click the button ‘copy link’ to copy your group link. Then you are able to paste your group link into a custom post or email announcement encouraging people to join your Network.

After people start joining your network, continue to encourage all of your members you want in your Wievu Network to join.


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