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Whether you’re a small business owner, a member of a community group or an event planner, chances are you’ve heard of Meetup is an online service that allows people who share common interests to gather in real life. But it doesn’t have to be the only option available for groups planning gatherings. We’ve picked out some alternative software solutions that are sure to make your next event a great success!

Organizing and planning events is a huge part of the community management role. It can be tough to find the right software to hit all of your needs and it can be difficult to keep on top of everything when you have so much else on your plate. For those looking for an alternative to, we’ve compiled five great options that are ideal for community managers, event organizers, and anyone else who needs a calendar system that helps streamline their meetings and events.

Network Builder

1. My Network Builder


My Network Builder is a Customizable Private Social Network and Email list. It is similar to meetup but can be customized so you can stay in touch with your followers in a private way. My Network Builder prides itself in being privacy first, doesn’t sell customer data, and doesn’t censor content, ban groups, or ban members like some other social networks. My Network Builder has also had zero data leaks to date so your info is secure.

With My Network Builder you simply load your personal or business contacts into the system or invite those contacts to join your Network Builder Group. Network Builder then has an option for your contacts to get automatically introduced to each other so they can all virtually meet, or you can use Network Builder as an email list so you can stay in touch with your lists with email messaging. You can also host events and members can chat on Network Builder with other members about upcoming events. Start your free trial today to see if Network Builder is the right software solution for your event organizing efforts. Best of all Network Builder by default is not a public facing tool. You will not have to worry about your profiles or personal data showing up on a Google search, unlike other softwares such as Meetup which send your personal information for google to crawl.

2. Eventbrite


Eventbrite is one of the most popular alternatives to meetup. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a full set of controls for your email lists and you are unable to see easily details about individual members in your system. Overall, Eventbrite is great for just hosting events. When it comes to storing and recalling social data with your users, there are other softwares better at being a more all-in-one solution.



While is very simple to use and effective for meeting new people quickly, it has become very difficult for members to find local groups that are specific and interesting, especially in smaller cities or towns. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of software services you can use as alternatives to so you can continue to meet new people in your area, even when you’re too far away from major metropolitan areas for there to be enough interest for a Meetup group in your town or city.



Facebook is one of the most recognizable software in the world. Facebook has events. Organizers can create events, invite friends to things via messenger and a lot more. Facebook doesn’t seem to really like users grabbing and storing user emails easily so there may be alternative software that allow for the collection and retrieval of this sort of thing.




Finding the right alternative can be tricky — particularly if you’re looking for a tool that lets you manage your members, schedule events, and connect with attendees all in one place. For many startups, moving beyond is an important step on the road to growth, but it’s also incredibly difficult to find a service that fits all of your needs — especially when some of these tools cost up to $100 a month depending on the features you need.



There are many options out there for people to plan and organize events, and they’re all different in their own ways. You should choose the one that best suits your needs, but you also need to make sure to market your event appropriately so that people will know about it!