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1-Click LinkedIn \ Facebook Login Button Registration

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When you first sign up for a Wievu account, you will reach a registration page that asks you to create an account using your email or you can sign in with your connected LinkedIn or Facebook Account. This makes registration much faster and easier.

How to Login :

Go to > Click Login in the upper right hand corner > If using the 1-click LinkedIn\Facebook signup method, then log into either of these social media networks at this time > Once logged into either LinkedIn or Facebook, proceed to > Login > Then select either the LinkedIn or Facebook button to register for an account. If you decide to use your personal email address to register you may enter your email and password on the Registration screen to signup.

When you register your account with LinkedIn or Facebook, this initial registration/login method becomes your user credentials to get into your account.

Although the 1-click signup\login method works well for individual users, this may pose less than optimal results for users that have a team that want to share account login credentials. If you know you would like to have your team access your organizer account in advance, it is suggested you signup using the email method initially.

Don’t worry if you already signed up with your LinkedIn account, there is an option to disconnect your account and insert an email address and password into your account instead.

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