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Invite Templates – Suggestions how to invite new members to your network

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Invite Templates – Suggestions how to invite new members to your network.

Below are some examples of what to say to encourage new members to join your group. With a generated link using the ‘copy link’ button located on your dashboard, you can then email, text, or message this link to get people to join your group. You can even put your group link on a business card, then when you network with people tell them about your group and give your business card with the link out.

Other examples and templates you can use to encourage people to join your Network Builder Group :

Facebook group : “Hi Everybody. I signed up for this service that email introduces professionals together who are in need of each other’s services. Follow the link,
put in what you’re looking for or who you want to connect with, and you’ll get an email introducing you someone in my existing inner professional circle. Join here, email me if you have
any questions about sign up.
Entire social media account post, use this if you’d like 1 group to be posted across all your social media accounts : ” Anyone looking to connect with other distinguished professionals in Austin? I run a networking group, if interested, you’re invited to join here. Email me if you have questions about sign up.
Twitter : Looking to connect with other professionals locally? Join my referral network.
Text to someone you just met : ” Hi, my name is Matt. Nice to meet you. Here’s a link to my personal referral network. It is a local networking group in Austin that I run. You’ll get
to meet other distinguished professionals from my personal contacts by joining. Grow your network and generate leads. Text me for questions. Link:
Text to a friend you already know : ‘ Hi. Wanted to invite you to this new group I formed so that my inner circle of contacts could all meet and network with each other. Network, generate
leads. Text me for questions. Link:
If Email to a friend : Hi. You’re a trusted friend of mine. I just started this networking group and I would deeply appreciate if you would support me. This software email introduces professionals together that are a mutual fit for doing business with each other. It’s also great for networking. I made this group so my close friends could meet my other close friends and professional contacts. To join go here. Sign up takes 1-2 minutes. After that you’ll get an email when the software finds someone interesting for you to meet professionally. Call or text me if you have questions. How have you been?
Email to colleagues, business partners, 2nd degree contacts : ” Hi. I wanted to let you know I’ve started a group that is really taking off. It’s a professional networking group, but it’s special because it’s my private contacts, and professional connections. I wanted to invite you to join because if your background I think you’d be a great fit for this group. I launched this networking group a little while ago, but I have been hand selecting people I think would be a good fit and you came to mind. So far people have been really enjoying the caliber of people they’re meeting. Would you please join my group? I think you’ll really find it valuable. Text, call or email me for questions. Just follow this link, name what kind of professional you are looking for and you’ll get an email when there’s someone you should meet that’s professional a good fit. After you sign up I’d love to hear how it’s going in the next couple of weeks and how the group is working for you. Let’s catch up!
If Newsletter : “Hey everyone! Would you like to meet other like-minded professionals in Austin? I’ve started this Networking Group for my inner circle of contacts. Join by clicking here and start meeting other professionals that are my friends and personal contacts. I’d love for you all to meet and stay connected. I found the perfect software program to do just that.  Text, call or email me for questions. Link:
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